You might have reached a point in your life that you are now down-sizing to a smaller home or, perhaps your artistic tastes have evolved, or maybe you scored something at a local antique show or even more simply, perhaps the economy has compromised your financial stability.  Whatever the case may be, there are many reasons why selling your art is a viable and necessary means to an end.  In such cases, having a current market value on your object(s) and knowing where to go to sell your artwork will give you not only a leg-up in the marketplace but, it will also arm you to better negotiate with other collectors, dealers, and galleries.

Tailored art appraisal services for:

individuals, non-profits, and corporations.

Our appraisal services include both written and verbal appraisal reports and documents that provide qualitative and quantitative data leading to a current monetary value of your object(s).  Types of monetary analyses include finding Fair Market Values (FMVs), Replacement Costs, Damage/Loss of Value, and Wholesale or Retail pricing. 

These reports will contain thorough and accurate descriptions of the objects, as well as, excellent photographic documentation.  In some cases, comparative analyses with other objects are delineated and historical and cultural contexts are provided.  We can create working databases that are capable of being regularly updated as you add or take away from the collection and that are invaluable for keeping track of your investments.

Thinking about donating?   Philanthropic intentions bring the benefit of associated tax deductions and the IRS has strict regulations governing non-cash charitable contributions.  Having the proper documentation created by a qualified appraiser is one of the basic requirements--Elmore Art Appraisals fulfills that requirement and starts off your donations and filings on the right foot.


Life and loves can change rapidly, amicably or not, and Elmore Art Appraisals understands the complexities involved with dividing up personal property that is commonly owned.  As an impartial appraiser, we bring objectivity to such endeavors by providing clear and unbiased monetary values.


Conversations about any of our services are always free

$150 per hour for: 

inspections, report writing, research, authentications, verbal and written opinions of market value, document preparation, and engaged or goal-oriented consultations.

$200 per hour, in advance, for: expert witness services including depositions, pretrial conferences, court appearances, and court preparations.

When needed, extra expenses from outside experts engaged for the project will be transferred directly to the client without any additional charges.

We will gladly travel to you, 
just be advised that any expenses incurred for travel and accommodations
 will be a cost for the client (
a per diem charge can also be discussed).

All transactions are subject to
New Mexico Gross Receipts tax.
Rates do not include possible mailing charges for documents.


Do you have, or are in charge of, or  just inherited, an estate filled with artwork?  Managing objects that are unfamiliar can be daunting, especially when you are unsure of the monetary value in their present condition and location.  Having a professional art appraiser evaluate the objects puts you in a more responsible position to make decisions for yourself, and, often more importantly, for others possessing your estate in the future.

The value of your artwork can fluctuate with the market, which makes having updated appraisals necessary for considering coverage rates with a new  insurance policy or for reviewing your current one.   Appraisals are also necessary for damage and loss claims--be prepared before something happens to your artwork.