-Owner/Appraiser, Elmore Art Appraisals
                                     Santa Fe, NM

-Art Associate, Blue Rain Gallery
                          Santa Fe, NM & Scottsdale, AZ

        -Contemporary American Indian and American 


-Assistant Director, Morning Star Gallery
                                    Santa Fe, NM
       -Antique American Indian art and artifacts,
        Spanish Colonial arts, 19th & 20th Century 

        American fine arts, a sister gallery to Nedra
       Matteucci Galleries, SF, NM

-Sales & Research Associate,Morning Star Gallery
                                                     Santa Fe, New Mexico


2006 - Master of Arts, Art History
            (Specialization: Art of the Americas)    
             University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1998 - Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology & Art
             (both Art History & Studio Art tracts) 
              Colby College, Waterville, ME


Why ChOOSE elmore art appraisals?

2016-Present   Member, Legal Committee, Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association,

2015-2016  Juror and Judge, Various Media, Annual Indian Market, Southwestern Association for Indian Arts,

2014 - 2015  Founding Member, Advisory CommitteeThe Ralph T. Coe Foundation

2010-2012  Elected Member, Indian Market Standards CommitteeSouthwestern                      Association for Indian Arts,


Elmore Art Appraisals provides an expert focus on American Indian Art of North America.

Broader areas included in the scope of knowledge are American and Spanish Colonial Arts, along with some Pre-Columbian Arts.

All time periods covered:
Prehistoric, Historic, and Contemporary.

All cultural regions of the Americas covered: North America, MesoAmerica, and South America.
North American regions include: Northeast/Woodlands, Southeast, Great Lakes, Prairie, Plains, Plateau/Great Basin, Southwest, California, Northwest Coast, Alaska, Interior Canada, and the Subarctic.

All categories of art covered:
Basketry, Beadwork, Bronzes, Clothing & Accessories, Ledger Drawings, Glass, Dolls & Toys, Katsin tihu (Kachinas), Jewelry, Silver, Textiles & Weavings, Weapons, Paintings, Pottery, Mixed Media, Sculptures, NM Furniture, and Works on Paper.

Because your collection of artwork represents an aesthetic and emotional endeavor, a personal legacy, a  family history, or even a dedicated "hobby." 

More importantly, it is also a form of asset allocation and, in our ever-changing economic atmosphere, it should be a priority for all collectors to seek the advice of a knowledgeable, specialist art appraiser for evaluating the current monetary value of their artworks. 

There are many risks to be assessed when placing a dollar amount on artwork.  Are you risking selling too low or paying too much for an object?  What does your current insurance policy look like--are you under or over insured?  Might your heirs fall prey to unfair division or taxation of your willed property?  Can you avoid incurring tax penalties, or reduce your audit risk, for your planned charitable donations?

Vanessa Elmore, of Elmore Art Appraisals, helps you to navigate the complexities of the art market and to properly assess the current economic standing of your collection by providing qualified, written and verbal appraisal reports upon which you can bolster your financial decisions.

Present - Member, International Society of
: Fine Art and Specializing in
               American Indian Art & Artifacts


2016-2017 - USPAP Trained: Uniform
                         Standards of Professional Appraisal
, The Appraisal Foundation


Television & Radio

2014 - Contributor on American Indian Art,
              Value This! with Brian & Leon;
              A nationally syndicated PBS Radio Show


2010 - Contributor on American Indian Art,
              Visvim Dissertation on Permeation:
              Harmony versus Convergence
              A documentary film by international fashion  
              designer, Hiroki Nakamura; presented at
              ASVOFF3: A Shaded View of Fashion Film
              Festival, Paris, France

2006 - Contributor on American Indian Art,
              Burt Wolf's Travels & Traditions:
              Santa Fe
, Episode #701; A nationally
              syndicated PBS television program


Selected Publications

2016 - Present  Columnist, No Free Appraisals,          
             ATADA News Quarterly Magazine

2014 - Writer,Let it Sink in: The Art of Jagua,
First American Art Magazine, Issue No. 4,
​              Fall, pp. 64. 

2010 - Contributor and quoted in, "Art of the Trade,"
              by Edward Readicker-Henderson, Art &
              Antiques Magazine
, February, Volume 33,
              no. 2, pgs 82-91.

2007 - Writer, The Richard M. Howard Collection:
             Tonita Roybal
(San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery)
             Exhibition Catalogue for Nedra Matteucci
             Galleries, Santa Fe, NM.

2007 -Writing and Content Contributor on American              Indian Art--Art of Plains Indians;            
             Indian Craft Book, World Mook, March,   
             Issue # W645, World Photo Press, Tokyo, Japan.

2006 - Magazine Feature as one of "Four Gallerists We
              Love," Santa Fean Magazine, June,
              Volume 34, no. 5, pg. 77.